Lanscape Design

What to expect

Landscaping is more than buying plants and placing them in a row, then finding out later they don’t like where you put them or they are growing all over your walk or windows. As a professional landscape design office, we provide a variety of services which meet our clients’ needs. Designing ever changing perennial gardens, creating outside play areas, secluding pools, adding unique water features, and enhancing decks are only a few of the many services we provide. Unique design solutions, quality plant material, state-of-the-art installation techniques, personal consultations, and fair prices have made us a reputable landscape design office in the Richmond area.

We understand that a lot of careful thought and quality has gone inside your home. The same consideration should also be given to the outside. A good landscape designer should provide the home owner with a plan that creates ever-changing outdoor living spaces, color for all seasons, views to pleasant surroundings, easily maneuvered pathways and ecologically sound designs.

As designers, we realize that within any landscape certain plants perform specific tasks vital to good design. Examples are trees which shade, screen, frame, protect from wind, or are used as backdrops. Plants used as focal points direct people’s attention to doorways or other important places within the landscape. Designers must take into account all functional, ecological and aesthetic criteria available. Good designs are then created through the synthesizing of social and ecological needs.

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