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An aesthetically pleasing exterior of your home or business helps to create a positive environment for your family or customers, increases property values, and adds to your quality of life. Our experienced team is sensitive to your needs and understands the timing requirements of your plants culture as well.

Our crews will apply proper pruning practices to keep the natural integrity of your plants, ensuring blooms and proper bud growth for the following year. Knowing when to spray and not to spray is the key to controlling insects and disease which can attack your landscape.

We will work with you to coordinate every aspect of your landscape management and implement a customized plan that will fit you and your plants’ needs, within your budget.

At Rose City Nursery we recognize that the value is in the quality and knowledge of the work. Let us protect your investment. Contact us for a no-obligation cost analysis today. You will get:

  • a thorough site evaluation

  • alerts to potential site issues before they become a problem

  • sound horticultural knowledge


  • a range of choices of different levels of maintenance

  • the freedom to enjoy your landscape without worry

  • knowledgable staff with years of experience

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